Information on PVCERT

    A new release of PVCERT is available

    (February 2015)

    With this new release, PVCERT is even more a practical tool to consult Certificates of PV modules, inverters and other components of photovoltaic plants , useful to know their technical characteristics and quality. By the new functions of search, display and export, now is available a considerable documentation on various photovoltaic components. PVCERT offers the possibility to consult, as well as the certificate that were expected by “Conto Energia”, also the following additional documentation:

    • Datasheet
    • CE marking
    • Classification of reaction to fire (UNI 9177)
    • Ammonia corrosion test EN 62176
    • Salt mist EN 61701
    • Resistence to sandstorm
    • Additional documents about the quality, provided by Manufacturer

    PVCERT is even more a tool to select photovoltaic devices based on their qualities and features confirmed by accredited bodies.
    Today, the documentations available on PVCERT search function, consist in certificates of:

    • n. 1115 PV modules made by 69 Manufacturer in 77 Production Site
    • n. 1055 PV inverters made by 38 Manufacturer in 49 Production Site

    Registration on PVCERT

    (January 2015)

    PVCERT is available to users registered or not. Without registration you can consult Certificates by basic functions of search and view of documents. With registration you can use advanced functions, differentiated according to the type of operator:

    • Generic users can use advanced functions of search, visualization and download of documents;
    • Advanced users (“Soggetti Fornitori”), in addition to the advanced functions of search, visualization and download of documents, can upload certificates of their components.

    More information here

    PVCERT Features

    (July 2014)

    The main feature of the application is data uploading (Certificates and Attestations of modules and inverters) by the Stakeholders. In particular, the data to be uploaded, and the entities qualified to load them, are the following.
    1. Certifications and Attestations of modules and photovoltaic inverters, uploaded by Subjects Suppliers:
                -   Manufacturer
                -   Importer on the Italian market
                -   Distributor on the Italian market
                -   Installer
                -   Subject Leader of a PV plant
                -   Technical Manager of a PV plant.
    2. Details and Accreditations of Bodies issuing Certificates and Attestations uploaded by the Bodies:
                -   Testing Laboratory (Body O1)
                -   Certification Body for module quality (Body O2)
                -   Consortium for module recycling at end of life (Body O3)
                -   Certification Body for the quallity of production process (Body O4)
                -   Certification body for inverters quality (Body O5).

    To ensure the correctness of the documents uploaded into the database, all data loaded from Stakeholders are subject to validation by a special group of Validation of GSE.


April 2015

Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Consultation of operative instructions for disposal of PV panels granted by " Conto Energia" programme.

Technical Regulations: Energy Storage

Published Technical rules for the implementation of the provisions to the integration of electrical energy storage in the national electricity system.

February 2015

Public consultation on criteria to maintain the grant of the "Conto Energia" programme

GSE has published the document “Regole per il mantenimento degli incentivi in conto energia”.
Observations and proposals may be sent to the following e-mail address no later than 06/03/2015.

December 2014

Published the Variants 1 of CEI 0-16 e CEI 0-21

CEI has published the Variants 1 of CEI 0-16 and CEI 0-21 standards about the requirements applicable to the energy storage systems in generation plants. The purpose of these variants is to provide guidelines for the use of energy storage systems in the generation plants connected to the LV and MV grids. The new documents contain also the required tests for the compatibility of the storage system with the grid security needs.

Operating instructions

GSE has published the document “Istruzioni operative per gli interventi sulle tariffe incentivanti relative agli impianti fotovoltaici (ai sensi del Decreto Interministeriale del 6 novembre 2014)”.

Statistical Report

GSE has published the statistical and activity report on incentives for photovoltaic plants.

Storage systems in PV plants

GSE has published the document “Installazione di sistemi di accumulo su impianti incentivati o che beneficiano dei prezzi minimi garantiti” about the installation of storage systems in PV plants granted by the “Conto Energia” programme.

Rimodeling tariffs

GSE has published the document “Modalità di richiesta dell'opzione di rimodulazione delle tariffe incentivanti per impianti alimentati a fonti rinnovabili diversi dai fotovoltaici”

September 2014

IEC Agreement for the certification of components for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE)

The objective of the IECRE (IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications) System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in Renewable Energy Sectors while maintaining the required level of safety.

Archive old News
March 2013

GSE publishes the first list of Systems / Consortia for the recycling of end of life modules,

suitable to the Technical Regulations issued by the GSE in the implementation of the Rules of Application for recognition of tariffs (DM and DM May 5, 2011 July 5, 2012
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February 2013

Adhesion of the Manufacturers to a System / Consortium for module recycling at end of life

GSE has published information on procedures and documents to be submitted by the Systems / Consortia to demonstrate their suitability to the GSE requirements. After the publication of the list of suitable Systems / Consortia, Manufacturers of modules used in PV plants of the 4th and 5th conto energia, came into operation after 1 July 2012, must provide a Attestation of adhesion to one of them.
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December 2012

New edition of Italian standard CEI 0-16

It was published the second edition of CEI 0-16 for the technical rules for connecting to MT and AT networks, has been published. This standard includes the requirements for photovoltaic inverters.

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